“Evidence throws aside societal norms and makes others uncomfortable with the status quo in hopes of evoking change by selling cannabis in a real Evidence bag.”

We purchased a former private prison to manufacture and grow cannabis out of.
An estimated 40,000 individuals are currently incarcerated for marijuana offenses, convicted of
an activity that is no longer a crime, while thousands of other people build inter generational
wealth doing exactly the same thing.
As cannabis industry professionals, it is our duty to work to reverse this injustice.
In a time of financial instability Evidence is here to provide a real Evidence sealed bag from
the prison with a half ounce of high quality flower (smalls), Vibes papers, and a Last Prisoner
Project matches at an extremely reasonable price. $1 per bag sold goes to The Last Prisoner
Project to get nonviolent cannabis prisoners released.

$1.00 from every EVIDENCE bag sold is donated to the Last Prisoner Project

Evidence Bag

15.7 Million

15.7 million people arrested for Marijuana offenses in the last decade. 

48 Seconds

In 2018 there were 663,367 Marijuana arrests in the United States. That’s one Marijuana arrest every 48 seconds.