Evidence Bag


Evidence 1/2 oz Flower Kit

Various Strains Available | Average Range 25-31% Potency
We grow our own flavorful high potency flower with a variety of different strains. Each Evidence bag contains Vibes papers and a Last Prisoner Project matchbook. $1 per bag sold goes to The Last Prisoner Project. These are not smalls.

EVIDENCE Prison Shortys

Prison Shortys 3.5 grams (5 x 0.7 grams), 55%+ Potency
We grow our own flower to make strain specific Diamonds and Live Resin.
We use that same flower and reintroduce that individual strain’s specific Diamonds and Live Resin to enhance our already flavorful and potent flower with our proprietary infusion technology. We grow our own. We extract our own. We manufacture our own. All strain specific. All for you.
Evidence Vape


Evidence Premium Cannabis OIl Vape Cartridges 1 Gram
90%+ Potency
Single source     •     90%+ THC oil     •     CCELL®